Terms and Specifications

  • All Art Brownies in the exhibition are to be hung on wall, or displayed on ledges. Art Brownies that are more sculptural (with add-ons to the block) cannot exceed a measurement of 4x4 inch, height 2.25 inch. Artworks that do not meet the criteria might be excluded from the exhibition. Have an interesting concept that doesn't fit? Consult with us first. An additional fee may apply.
  • Retail price: the artist can decide on the selling price ranging from $30 to over $100, with a price cap on $300 per artwork.
  • Pieces sold in the exhibition are subject to 50% gallery commission. Artist will receive payment through PayPal within 30 days of the sale.
  • Unsold Brownies will remain in the gallery shop for six months to a year for further sales opportunities. After this period, artists will be notified to pick up their Brownies at our shop, or by mail at the artist's cost. Please note that after the collection deadline, uncollected Art Brownies will become property of the gallery.
  • Artist agrees and grants us full right for using the Art Brownie image on our official and affiliated websites for all promotional purposes.

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