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Board of Directors
Lee Ka-sing (Chair-person)
Holly Lee
Han Xu

Sara Angelucci, James Carl, Millie Chen, Gary Michael Dault, Robert Enright, Sabrina Fung, Gao MingLu, Leung Chi-wo, Ken Lum, Fumio Nanjo, Natalie De Vito, Wu Jiabao, Yao Jui-chung

Legal Advisor
Jeffrey Shek

Mission Statement

Founded in 2006, CHINESE CONTEMPORARY XCHANGE (CCX) is a non-profit organizing committee focusing on art exchange programs between Canada and overseas Chinese communities. Our definition of Chinese contemporary art deals with critical and creative art practices within the wider context of artists from not only mainland China but also Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, countries of Southeast Asia, and Chinese diaspora abroad.

Chinese contemporary art has a dynamic and complex relationship with the rest of the art world. It is our goal to bring into Canada such vibrance through a continuous, curated program of exhibitions, to generate discourse and exchange of ideas between the participating countries.

CCX's main effort is devoted to a constant showcasing of Chinese contemporary art in Canada. 70% of the CCX exhibition program is dedicated to bringing in high calibre work from East Asia. 30% of the program is committed to organizing Canadian contemporary art exhibitions in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

CCX runs a centrally located gallery space in Toronto that houses regular exhibition programs on Chinese contemporary art. CCX programs include film and video screenings, lectures, performance events, publications and web publishing, as well as educational outreach.

CCX aims to work with curators, institutions, public galleries and art organizations in East Asia and Canada on projects of varying scales.

CCX is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of artists and writers. Its activities and artistic advancement will be informed and broadened by an international Advisory Board of artists, curators and professionals in the field.