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Lee Ka-sing
I am a beautiful beast of the Opposition Party, 2006 (我是一頭美麗的反對黨)
Archival pigment print
5.5 x 7.5 inchesin edition of 30

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This is an image selected from the De ci de la des choses series, 2006. A body of work originally created for the exhibition De ci de la des choses presented in Monastere de Saorge, France during the Summer of 2006. The exhibition, featuring poems by Leung Ping-Kwan and images by Lee Ka-sing, is an on-going dialogue between the two artists on food, history and culture.

Lee's De ci de la des choses series consists of 20 works with narrative titles as part of the work. All titles were originally written in Chinese. The French version was translated by Annie Curien, and the English version was translated by Luo Hui. The original size of the De ci de la des choses" series is 12x18 inches, running in edition of 10. Titles of the 20 works are:

Morning Google (早晨 Google)
2046, yearend notes on Queen Street Toronto (2046多倫多Queen街歲時記)
IKEA, idea, MUJI, big sale (IKEA,idea,無印,大割引)
ipod, Apple, Jin-Shan orange, square watermelon, genetically modified pomelo (ipod、蘋果、金山橙、四方西瓜、基因移植沙田柚)
Chairman Mao Portrait in Hong Kong's "China Club" (在香港「中國俱樂部」的毛主席像)
Christopher Doyle at Toronto Film Festival (杜可風在多倫多電影節)
I emigrate from Gang of Four's former residence to Group of Seven's place of origin (我從四人幫的故居移民來到七人幫發源地)
North America tour group watches Hong Kong on a Motorola cell phone screen at Pacific Mall, Markham (北美旅行團萬錦市太古廣場在摩托羅拉手機屏幕上看香港)
Sorry, your domain name is not registered at the National Information Ministry (對不起,你的域名沒有在國家信產部備案)
Tom-Yum-Kung (冬蔭功湯.com)
Chinese contemporary art at the Shabu-Shabu Biennale (中國現代藝術在火窩雙年展)
My gallery and its branches operated at Asian Legend restaurant (我開設在「味香村」的畫廊及其他分店)
A comparison of CONTACT Photo Festival Toronto and Le Mois de la Photo Montreal (試論「多倫多攝影節」與「滿地可攝影節」之異同)
Love-chat with a Martian at Skype (在Skype與火星人談情)
I am a beautiful beast of the Opposition Party (我是一頭美麗的反對黨)
Writing a 150 gigabyte novel (寫一本150GigaByte的小說)
Traveling to New York; Custom officer at the Canadian-U.S. border says my camel is not found in their computer records (旅行紐約,加美海關官員說我騎的駱駝在電腦中沒有記錄)
On Nobuyoshi Araki (荒木經惟論)
50 Gladstone Avenue (吉石大道50號)
Oh! So you are not Li Ka-shing... (噢!原來你不是李嘉誠)

Lee Ka-sing released these twenty works for GOOD Edition, a special mini edition issued by GOOD Art Foundation. Printed on 7.5 x 5.5 inches archival cotton rag paper and each work printed in 30 editions, with the Edition Stamp and numbered on front.

REF: GE051015

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