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Shelley Savor, Irina Schestakowich, Han Xu
11/2/2013 - 12/31/2013
INDEXG (main gallery)

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 02, 2013 - 3 to 6 pm

Exhibition Event:

November 24 (Sunday), 3-6 p.m.

Casual Talk on printmaking attended by all three artists. Free for all interested parties to attend.

This Fall, INDEXG presents Stories, an exhibition of new works on printmaking by three Toronto artists: Shelley Savor, Irina Schestakowich and Han Xu. Using wood/lino-cut, etching techniques incorporating hand painting, the works reveal a world of fascinating stories, whether exist in our daily life or pure imagination, all there yearning to be told and heard.

Lino cut, hand coloured by Shelley Savor

"The quest for solitude can be a challenge in the big city. It’s a struggle to get away from the unremitting, exhausting routine of the daily ‘rat race’.

I have explored moments and scenarios from the rat race featuring a rat, (Jimmy), as he struggles to cope with urban stress. Jimmy lives in a hand-coloured linocut urban world with text typewritten below the image - subtitles of his thoughts and actions.

All of the images are printed on pages from a book of stories, (Tales of Terror and of Fantasy, The Girl With Three Skirts, Master Timothy’s Bookcase). The background text is in essence the relentless cacophony of the city as well as the noise and busyness of thoughts inside Jimmy’s head.

Coping mechanisms for life in the rat race may include caffeine, Sunday drives, avoiding certain people and feeling fed up once in a while. It’s a story of sorts that, perhaps, we know something about already."

Wood cuts, etching and hand colouring by Irina Schestakowich


Run for your life and do not look back!
There is no safe place here now. Everything is being destroyed. Destruction is everywhere.

We are now on the edge of the world. There is no safe place here. Try to hide in the forest. Spin your way out of here.

Father has disappeared. Do not ask questions. Leave for somewhere, anywhere, and leave your childhood behind ...


A young boy is sleeping.

He is dreaming of Paris
Finds himself
under the Eiffel Tower
a large butterfly flies by
a girl rides by
on pony blue

Wood/Lino cuts by Han Xu

"I gathered my friends in my Good Friends' Cabinet, and used auspicious Chinese words to translate their names from English, then Chinese brush strokes to write their names, in English.

By cultural exchanging of words, visually and in meaning, Chinese into English and vice versa, I hope to achieve better communication between the two cultures. And during the process I realized there are also many stories, real and imagined, to be discovered and read."






INDEXG (main gallery)

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