April 24, 2008... Poetry reading with sinologist scholar and translator Prof. Wolfgang Kubin, in Dusseldorf

April 25, 2008... Poetry reading - new poems and discussion with Wolfgang Kubin, Heinz Stahlhut and Martin Zeller about culture and society in Hong Kong, in Basel
...More details in German here
...More details in English here

April 27, 2008... Poetry reading in Cantonese, German and English followed by discussion, in Zurich
... More details in German here

Sept 9, 2006... "Table of Free Voices", a round-table discussion with over 100 social visionaries from over 50 countries worldwide responding to 100 questions donated by the public, Bebelplatz square, Berlin Germany

May 25, 2006... "Hong Kong Culture: 1950s and the Present ", a lecture presented at the Trans -Regional Histories Workshop organized by the East Asian Studies Program, University of Chicago

April14-15 ,2006... Presented a talk and partic ipated in the foru m d iscussion at ―Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature : Sinophone Literature‖ , an international literary workshop organized by Dept of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Harvard University

Feb. 23, 2006... "Urban Cu lture and Hong Kong Cinema‖, a talk presented at Yale University, organized by the Council on East Asian Studies

Feb. 24, 2006.... "Special Bilingual poetry Reading by Leung Ping -kwan", presented by The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University

Nov. 8-12, 2005... Poetry Reading and Presentation at ―Home land and the World‖, the 2005 Ta ipei Poet ry Festival

Sept. 7-10, 2005... Poetry Reading and Presentation at the Vilenica 2005 International Literary Festival, Slovenia

March 2nd – 16th, 2005... Photo Exhibition “Cityscape, People and Food”, Joint Publication Exhibition Hall

Nov 12, 2004... "The Legacy of King Hu", a paper presented in the conference "The Film Art of Director King HU", o rganized by the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University

Nov 5-6, 2004... Adaptation‘ as a Means for Culture Formation : Hong Kong Culture of the 1950s‖ a paper presented in the conference of Asian Scholars on modern literature in Chinese, organized by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul

August 12, 2004..." Poetry and Cultural Studies" a paper presented at the ICLA Congress held in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

July 12 - Oct 4, 2004... "Hong Kong Foodscape", an installation of poetry and photographs held at Hong Kong Heritage Museum

July 29, 2004... Presented a talk " Hong Kong Foodscape" at Centre for Chinese Research, the University of Brit ish Columbia

June 26th – 30th, 2004... East West Matters, Photo and poetry exhibition at the Raum gallery in Bern

June 19 to Sept 30, 2004... "East West Matters" a talk presented at Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt on June 19, 2004 for the opening of the photography Exh ibit ion: " East West Matters"

June 23, 2004... Poetry Reading at Museum Rietberg in Zurich

March 20 to 25, 2004... Poetry reading and presentation of Hong Kong Culture at Salon du livre de Paris 2004 (Bookfair in Paris) with the invitation by the French Minister of Culture and Communication

December 12, 2003... "Poetry and Polit ics", a talk delivered at the University of Tokyo

Oct 29th – Dec 7th, 2003... "2, 3 things about Hong Kong", Installation with Lee Ka-sing and Anothermountainman, City University Gallery, City University of Hong Kong

May 30th – June 15th, 2003... Food and the City, Photo and Poetry exhibition, HKFCC





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