Translated to english

土地 Land 2011  Prose
座頭鯨來到香港 A Humpback Whale Comes to Hong Kong 2009  Poetry
羅聘鬼趣圖 Luo Ping's 'Ghost Amusement' 2009  Poetry
韓熙載夜宴圖 The Night Revels of Han Xizai 2008  Poetry
登山 Mountain Hike 2004  Poetry
我可是個明代的文人雅士? Could I be a Ming Dynasty Literati? 2004  Poetry
亞洲的滋味 A Taste of Asia 2004  Poetry
十四張椅子 Fourteen Chairs 2004  Poetry
海南雞飯 Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore version) 2004  Poetry
總統的菜單 President's Menu 1999  Poetry
媽祖廟前 In Front of the Ma Ju Temple  1999  Poetry
在金船餅屋避雨 Sheltering From The Rain In The Café Caravela 1999  Poetry
詩人庇山耶蜷睡在一張澳門的床上 The Poet Camilo Pessanha Sleeps Curled Up On A Macau Bed 1998  Poetry
峰景酒店的一夜 At Bela Vista 1998  Poetry
葡萄牙皇帝送給中國皇帝的一幅掛毯 A Tapestry, Given By The King Of Portugal To The Emperor of China 1998  Poetry
蘇黎世的栗子 Roast Chestnuts in Zurich 1998  Poetry
柏林的鬼屋 Haunted House in Berlin 1998  Poetry
渡葉 Leaf of Passage 1998  Poetry
錢納利繪畫濠江漁女 George Chinnery painting the fisherwoman of Macau  1998  Poetry
二人壽司 Sushi For Two 1997  Poetry
鴛鴦 Tea-coffee 1997  Poetry
茄子 Eggplants 1997  Poetry
周鼎 Cauldron 1996  Poetry
蕁麻菜湯 Brennesselsuppe 1995  Poetry
重畫地圖 Re-mapping 1994  Poetry
異鄉的早晨 Morning in a Foreign Land 1991  Poetry
華沙軍事博物舘 Warsaw Military Museum  1991  Poetry
形象香港 Images of Hong Kong 1990  Poetry
老殖民地建築 An Old Colonial Building 1986  Poetry
漣葉 Leaf Ripples 1986  Poetry
戀葉 Leaf Enchantment 1986  Poetry
染葉 Stainings 1986  Poetry
邊葉 Leaf on the Edge 1986  Poetry
冕葉 Leaf Crown 1984  Poetry
連葉 Leaf Contact 1983  Poetry
憐葉 Leaf Pity 1983  Poetry
聽John Cage 音樂會回來的路上 After John Cage 1980  Poetry
家傳食譜祕方 Secret Family Recipes   Poetry
城市風景 Cityscape   Poetry
雨後的歐洲 Europe After The Rain   Poetry
生魚引起的恐慌 Panic Caused By a Fish   Poetry
豬肉的論述 Pork Discourse   Poetry
盆菜 Basin Feast (Hong Kong: Pun Choi)   Poetry
石頭拌飯 Stone grilled Rice (South Korea: Bibimbap)   Poetry
老撾菜肉 Larb (Laos)    Poetry
椰醬飯 Coconut Rice (Malaysia: Nasi Lemak)   Poetry
黃飯 Yellow Rice (Indonesia: Nasi Kuning)   Poetry
帶一枚苦瓜旅行 Travelling With A Bitter Melon   Poetry
洋葱 Onion   Poetry
雙梨 A Pair of Pears   Poetry
吳歷在灣畔作畫 Wu Li Painting By The Bay   Poetry
釀田螺 Stuffed Snails in Ginger Leaves (Vietnamese: Hap La Gung)   Poetry
菜乾 Dried Pak Choi   Poetry
冬蔭功湯 Spicy Soup (Thailand: Ton Yum Kung)   Poetry