Translated to german

土地 Land 2011  Prose
羅聘鬼趣圖 Luo Ping's 'Ghost Amusement' 2009  Poetry
座頭鯨來到香港 A Humpback Whale Comes to Hong Kong 2009  Poetry
韓熙載夜宴圖 The Night Revels of Han Xizai 2008  Poetry
登山 Mountain Hike 2004  Poetry
我可是個明代的文人雅士? Could I be a Ming Dynasty Literati? 2004  Poetry
在巴黎「中國俱樂部」吃毛沙拉 Eating Mao's Salad at 'China Club' in Paris 2000  Poetry
柏林的鬼屋 Haunted House in Berlin 1998  Poetry
錢納利繪畫濠江漁女 George Chinnery painting the fisherwoman of Macau  1998  Poetry
柏林初雪 First Snow In Berlin  1998  Poetry
蘇黎世的栗子 Roast Chestnuts in Zurich 1998  Poetry
重畫地圖 Re-mapping 1994  Poetry
華沙軍事博物舘 Warsaw Military Museum  1991  Poetry
木基督像 Christ made in wood 1991  Poetry
異鄉的早晨 Morning in a Foreign Land 1991  Poetry
形象香港 Images of Hong Kong 1990  Poetry
老殖民地建築 An Old Colonial Building 1986  Poetry
邊葉 Leaf on the Edge 1986  Poetry
戀葉 Leaf Enchantment 1986  Poetry
冕葉 Leaf Crown 1984  Poetry
連葉 Leaf Contact 1983  Poetry
憐葉 Leaf Pity 1983  Poetry
雲游 1981  Poetry
The Moth 1976  Prose
雙梨 A Pair of Pears   Poetry
雨後的歐洲 Europe After The Rain   Poetry
非典時期的情詩 Love poem at the Time of SARS   Poetry
帶一枚苦瓜旅行 Travelling With A Bitter Melon   Poetry
洋葱 Onion   Poetry
Papaya   Poetry