TASTE OF ASIA 亞洲的滋味 Series Index Page
亞洲的滋味 A Taste of Asia, 2004

海南雞飯 Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore version), 2004



黃飯 Yellow Rice (Indonesia: Nasi Kuning)

椰醬飯 Coconut Rice (Malaysia: Nasi Lemak)

老撾菜肉 Larb (Laos)

石頭拌飯 Stone grilled Rice (South Korea: Bibimbap)

盆菜 Basin Feast (Hong Kong: Pun Choi)

冬蔭功湯 Spicy Soup (Thailand: Ton Yum Kung)

釀田螺 Stuffed Snails in Ginger Leaves (Vietnamese: Hap La Gung)

總統的菜單 President's Menu, 1999











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