MACAU 澳門 Series Index Page
媽祖廟前 In Front of the Ma Ju Temple , 1999

在金船餅屋避雨 Sheltering From The Rain In The Café Caravela , 1999

鄭觀應在大屋寫作《盛世危言》, 1998

峰景酒店的一夜 At Bela Vista, 1998

錢納利繪畫濠江漁女 George Chinnery painting the fisherwoman of Macau , 1998

詩人庇山耶蜷睡在一張澳門的床上 The Poet Camilo Pessanha Sleeps Curled Up On A Macau Bed , 1998

葡萄牙皇帝送給中國皇帝的一幅掛毯 A Tapestry, Given By The King Of Portugal To The Emperor of China, 1998

城市風景 Cityscape

家傳食譜祕方 Secret Family Recipes

吳歷在灣畔作畫 Wu Li Painting By The Bay











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