In January, 2011 passed by Tokyo to visit an old friend. He was away

(An installation at XPECIAL, 19 November to 31 December, 2011)





A love poem for Holly, after her new work - CLAW SCRIPT

Tse Chi Tak visited on June 2nd. He gave us his book "KING HEAVEN AND EARTH QUEEN". Here is somehow, a poem on Hong Kong photography

Listening to Wu Zhaoji's Qin music at Patrick Lee's exhibition in Toronto

Sun, Pagoda, Wealth, Man (Tomio Nitto)

In Memory of PK

Listening to one of the two CDs by Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, purchased in a short trip to Guangzhou early this year

Sunday afternoon June 10th, at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach, there I met the Spiral Object with wings

Holly descending a staircase from the third floor to the gallery, about to go out to make a photograph at Trinity Bellwoods Park (one day in the spring of our thirtieth anniversary)

Study on a family photograph of Lee Ka-sing taken in 1956 (with his parents). He was holding a round object - which might have been an influence on his frequent employment of circular elements in his work over the past 30 years. (A self-portrait)

Time. History. Memory. Revolution. Silence

The Psychological Journey while Taking a Colour Photograph of a Dinosaur

In January, 2011 passed by Tokyo to visit an old friend. He was away

After Wang Wei's Deer Enclosure